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Proprietary algorithms and models to calculate key parameters that indicate overall health in one glance
Track alerts and integrate with existing tools to enable actions and decisions in real-time
Granular drill-down ability to discover insights at geographical level or sub-segment of patient, physician or payers
DDS brandEx
Social Media Analytics to measure brand buzz/ sentiment
Free Text Analysis of Rep Blogs/Comments/Surveys to identify opportunities/ risks
Predictive Analysis & forecasting based on most updated data



LaunchEX™: Pre-launch tracking & Launch Management module

The LaunchEX™ module is specifically designed for management of brands that are just launched or assets that are in the pre-launch phase. Our comprehensive data framework helps the brand team plan and track a launch in real-time in an highly effective manner that provides a clear view of each and every stakeholder. Our services team run research & analytical models to help you design & monitor organizational (sales force, marketing channels) market interventions (stakeholder strategy, payer management) to achieve launch success.

  • Up to 30% Increase in Rx through optimal targeting and messaging
  • 60%+ conversion from negative to positive perception among high value prescribers
  • Recapture upto 30% of switched patients through better outreach and support programs
  • Optimal resource allocation to payer account management through impact analysis
unmet need identifier

RWE™: Real world evidence analytics module

The RWE™ module seamlessly integrates multiple sources of claims data, EMR & outcomes data and generates meaningful insights that drive effective clinical trial strategies, Pharmacovigilance approaches, better market access positioning and enhanced understanding of patient value drivers.

  • Adaptive brand strategies
  • Pricing & reimbursement decisions
  • Favorable access positions
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Enhanced understanding of disease states & patients’ unmet needs
  • Better understanding of cost of care vs. value generated
source healthcare analytics

DAM™: Digital analytics Module

The DAM™ module integrates data from multiple non-traditional sources like websites, forums and other forms of owned and paid digital media. Accessing data either through pre-built APIs or custom crawlers from standard sources like Doubleclick Data, Adobe Omniture, ComScore and 100+ web sources, the DDS DAM module provides an end-end solution to leverage digital data and drive key strategies.

  • Micro targeting & personalization
  • Campaign effectiveness analytics
  • Recommendation engines
  • Interactive 360 degree stakeholder dashboards
pharmaceutical marketing strategies

SupplyEX™: Supply chain analytics module

With D Cube’s DDS™ SupplyEX™ suite of solutions, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Distributors & Wholesalers can now effectively manage their internal performance, sales growth & profit margins while unearthing new opportunities and competitive niches to drive sustainable organizational growth. Through our SupplyEX module, we have implemented solutions for our customers leveraging IMS DDD as well as EDI (850, 852, 810 & 844) data sources along with internal systems data to provide a 360-degree view of upstream and downstream operations to achieve afore mentioned objectives

  • Granular product movement view across the value chain
  • Drive promotion success
  • Generate evidence for favorable & effective negotiations with channel partners
  • Optimized forecasts
  • Enhanced patient/customer experience

Value to Brand Teams


Agile Out-of-the-Box solution

DDS™ BrandEX™ helps teams quickly design launch playbooks and execute with defined KPIs, targets and dashboards with integrated early warning

Creative use of data

Expertise in US and EU Healthcare databases – IMS, Cegedium, SDI, WK etc

Innovative Analytics

Predictive models and machine learning algorithms to better answer what-if scenarios

Life Sciences Domain Focus & Experience

Unparalleled knowledge and experience in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device industry across therapeutic areas

Service Excellence

Scalable and cost-effective research & analytics offerings

Flexible & Customized Solutions

Intelligent & customized dashboards based on brand, marketing channels & competitors in specific TA


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