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Proprietary algorithms and models to calculate key parameters that indicate overall health in one glance
Track alerts and integrate with existing tools to enable actions and decisions in real-time
Granular drill-down ability to discover insights at geographical level or sub-segment of patient, physician or payers
DDS brandEx
Social Media Analytics to measure brand buzz/ sentiment
Free Text Analysis of Rep Blogs/Comments/Surveys to identify opportunities/ risks
Predictive Analysis & forecasting based on most updated data




The LaunchEX™ module is specifically designed for management of brands that are just launched or assets that are in the pre-launch phase. Our comprehensive data framework helps the brand team plan and track a launch in real-time in an highly effective manner that provides a clear view of each and every stakeholder. Our services team run research & analytical models to help you design & monitor organizational (sales force, marketing channels) market interventions (stakeholder strategy, payer management) to achieve launch success.

  • Up to 30% Increase in Rx through optimal targeting and messaging
  • 60%+ conversion from negative to positive perception among high value prescribers
  • Recapture upto 30% of switched patients through better outreach and support programs
  • Optimal resource allocation to payer account management through impact analysis


Lifecycle management of a mature brand / portfolio requires a deep understanding of the evolving market landscape & stakeholder preferences. OptimEX™ helps the brand leader take stock of the prevailing market conditions, competitors & stakeholders in order to enhance market share, improve ROI of spend and identify untapped opportunities.

  • Optimize physical & digital marketing channel spend through effectiveness analyses
  • Drive sustainable LOE strategy for mature assets
  • Sustainable growth in global & emerging markets
  • Pull through analyses to drive targeted sales & marketing investments


is specifically designed for normal and branded / specialty generics assets. GeneriX™ is one-stop insights portal for all your needs to manage the portfolio. Key functionalities include Market Landscape Tracking, Competitive Intelligence, Sales Performance Analysis Logistics & Manufacturing KPI Tracking, Portfolio Optimization.

With GeneriX™, your team has all the information in one place and a team of experts to provide you the necessary insights to drive success.

  • Continuous & effective portfolio optimization
  • Optimal pricing and payer account strategy
  • Orange book & FDA correspondence analytics for efficient & compliant operations
  • End to end supply chain analytics to prevent revenue leakage and drive service levels


Information travels fast in todays world. Negative information more so! With SocialPulse™, it is now possible for brand teams to track sentiments and perceptions directly at the patient or physician level.

Through SocialPulse™, you can: Monitor impact of your campaigns, Gain insights on unmet needs, Manage brand reputation, Gain non-traditional competitive intelligence and Filter key insights from field sales reps (internal).
  • Track sentiments across different sections of stakeholders
  • Unearth key insights & unmet needs from sales force/ MSL notes
  • Competitor buzz tracking among KOLs
  • Real world data tracking for signal detection around safety issues

Value to Brand Teams


Agile Out-of-the-Box solution

DDS™ BrandEX™ helps teams quickly design launch playbooks and execute with defined KPIs, targets and dashboards with integrated early warning

Creative use of data

Expertise in US and EU Healthcare databases – IMS, Cegedium, SDI, WK etc

Innovative Analytics

Predictive models and machine learning algorithms to better answer what-if scenarios

Life Sciences Domain Focus & Experience

Unparalleled knowledge and experience in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device industry across therapeutic areas

Service Excellence

Scalable and cost-effective research & analytics offerings

Flexible & Customized Solutions

Intelligent & customized dashboards based on brand, marketing channels & competitors in specific TA


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