With DDS IRIS, data analytics practitioners at our customer organizations have the power at their finger tips to wrangle data and prepare them for ad-hoc visualizations and modeling requirements without dependence on vendors

Disrupt the way ad-hoc requests are delivered

Deliver infinite customization

Simplistic Coding

An excel like interface that empowers data scientists and cut an additional learning curve

Sandbox Capability

A powerful tool kit that provides an isolated environment that does not impact the base master data layer

Highly Integrated

Write back to the Data Lake, power a visualization or model using tightly integrated components of the DDS platform

Advanced Blending

Structured data, unstructured data, messy data-manage all data using guided joins and blending

Data Monitoring

Monitor health of feeds and services in the data lake. Track SLAs and troubleshoot performance

DDS IRIS is our Self-Service module that enables power users conduct ad-hoc analyses to power visualizations & models

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