From Data Discovery to Data-Driven Decisions

Power Commercial Success with D Cube Analytics

What do we do?

Analyze, Optimize & Deliver Excellence

Enhance Experience for Healthcare Professionals

Define, segment, manage and help analyze the healthcare provider universe to drive omnichannel success.

Improve Brand Management

Build proactive brand management throughout the product lifecycle to promote brand success.

Optimize Patient Journey

Map patient journey to drive a patient-centric go-to-market approach.

How do we do it?

With our Cloud-Native Platform, Consulting Services, and Business Applications, we help you achieve commercial excellence.

Cloud-Native Platform

Unified suite to manage your data analytics ecosystem 

DDS Terra™

Provides pre-built cloud-native components to ingest, process, and manage data on the cloud. 


Creates consumable data assets via a self-serve interface enabling faster insights, reducing costs & fostering collaboration.

DDS Unity™

Enables seamless governance of analytics ecosystem and ensures adherence to industry regulations.

Consulting Services

Trusted advisors with deep expertise in data analytics in the life sciences industry.

DDS Strategic Solutions™

Our capabilities span Business Intelligence, Commercial Analytics, Market Access, Advanced Analytics, and Technology. We offer bespoke services as standalone engagements as well as in conjunction with our product(s).

Business Applications

Integrated insights to drive actions that improve patient and provider experience and boost brand performance.

DDS Cosmosᵀᴹ is a portfolio of business applications that help drive disproportional value across the digital transformation continuum.

Customer 360

Blending innovation and design thinking to fuel insight generation and decision-making across sales operations through state-of-the-art reporting and analytics solutions.

Patient 360

Leveraging advanced AI/ML techniques to enhance understanding of patient journeys, optimize customer engagements, and reduce time to peak revenue.

Brand 360

Helping Biopharma companies with comprehensive patient-level insights, market access insights, brand insights enabled by rapid-paced data analytics support.

Which step of the Data Journey do you fit in?

Let us help you find your Next Best Action

Start with a
clean slate

Established Data Lake? Let’s Activate

Analytics setup in place? Let’s scale your Data Lake & Functional Reporting

Actively churning insights? Let’s go beyond Data Lakes


What our Clients say

Working with D Cube Analytics has been nothing short of a revelation.

After more than 2 decades in the industry and having worked with many vendor partners, I see D Cube Analytics as a flag bearer of capabilities that will drive the next decade of analytics within BioPharma.

VP, Large BioPharma

West Coast, USA

D Cube Analytics played a key role in the commercial success of our new drug launch mainly through the speed with which they stood up and delivered our project. We see the value they continue to deliver in optimizing our commercial success further.

Sr. VP, Emerging BioPharma

East Coast, USA


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