Adherence &
Persistence Emulator


A new-age platform to revolutionize decision making on improving patient outcomes and optimizing care with near real time insights

Connect, Simulate & Analyse

Leverage our plug-and-play application to discover the underlying insights onto the adherence and persistence behaviour of the patient cohorts

With our automated solutions and built-in knowledge repository, it is now easier and faster to establish connection to datasets, define rules and generate insights

With our proprietary & revolutionary features, analysing adherence and persistence behaviours takes a rapid paradigm shift

Plug & Play model

Tap into real-world data sets like DRG, Market Scan, SHS powered with the functionality to create, compare & analyse multiple cohorts

Deep Dive analysis

Get the complete list of diagnosis and drug codes from our ever-expanding repository with the flexibility to upload code files on the go

Flexibility in defining cohort rules

Customize the cohort rules and metrics such as DOS, analysis duration, Look-back period in the easiest way possible

Data Agnostics

Quantify & Analyse the cohort performance at the desired levels Drug, Route of administration, Age, Gender, Channel, Etc.,


Fast. Powerful. Seamless

Scalable across different brands & TAs

Intuitive and Engaging visuals & summaries

Deep dive analysis to get more clarity on patient behaviours

Centralized repository for easy reference in future

Customizable cohorts and rules enable multiple iterations

Case Studies

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