Delivering bespoke Analytics solutions

Whether your needs are one-time or repeatable, short-term or long-term, we have covered your back. With a bespoke approach and a lean resourcing model, we deliver value to your organizations and teams from day one. No project is too small or ad-hoc for us. The range of services offered in a scalable delivery model makes it easy for your teams to leverage our industry expertise across a variety of engagement models ranging from tactical project execution to strategic centers of excellence. Reach out with your needs to get started.

Sales analytics

Our Sales Analytics services group specializes in converting disparate sources of information into relevant and actionable insights for robust and rapid decision making for sales professionals, whether used as part of our DDS™ BrandEX™ platform or as a standalone service offering. We help you glean traditional insights from structured Data sources (Salesforce effectiveness etc) as well as rare insights from unstructured sources previously considered unusable (Rep/ MSL Feedback, CRM analytics etc).

Segmentation and Targeting

  • Determination of Nature of Segments, Variable Selection & Technique Selection
  • Segmentation expertise: Cluster analysis, Latent class analysis, k-means clustering, Principal component analysis, Multidimensional scaling, CHAID, CART, Random forests
  • Data Expertise: IMS all data types, SHA all data types, Formulary data (FF, MMIT, others), Lives data (HLI, others), Specialty data, EHR/EMR data, Sensor/Devices data & Unstructured data (Social Media, Contact Center, etc)

Sales Performing Tracking

  • New product launch tracking
  • Strategic, Managerial & Tactical reporting solutions
  • Weekly/ Monthly enterprise reports

Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Physician segmenting and target list generation
  • Sales Response Modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Sales force sizing & Restructuring

Incentive Compensation & Reporting

  • IC plan design & quota setting
  • Payout processing, admin & reporting

The Marketing Analytics group within D Cube offers analytical solutions to everyday challenges that marketing managers face in the life sciences industry. From advanced stakeholder segmentation, targeted outreach, optimal allocation of channels and measurement of ROI, D Cube has calibrated the art of using both syndicated information and unstructured data (social media, online campaign outlets etc) to help the marketing team get the best value for their assets.

Market Mix Modeling

  • One-time Promo return and promotional mix studies
  • Digital Effectiveness
  • Multichannel marketing effectiveness models
  • Spend & ROI Analytics by channel

Pricing Analytics

Price Setting

  • Value Based Pricing
  • Guideline Price Setting
  • Risk based Pricing
  • Market based Price sensitivity analysis
  • Dynamic Pricing Analysis
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Price Elasticity

Deal Pricing

  • Long term contract Pricing
  • Scope Normalized Pricing Analysis
  • Market based Pricing
  • Win Loss analysis
  • Used Vehicle Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing

Price Measurement

  • Price Index
  • Discount Measurement Analysis
  • Price waterfall analysis
  • Delegation of Authority – CM Analysis
  • Pricing strategy efficacy analysis – KPI

Competitive Intelligence

  • Evaluate Price changes against competition
  • Segmentation of products against competition
  • Develop competitive Models
  • Develop Price actions based on competition

Campaign Effectiveness Tracking

  • Rapid analysis of customer touch points and feedback from multiple channels
  • Monitoring of KPIs and measurement of brand uplift caused by each channel
  • Monitoring and ROI measurement of digital as well as non-digital channels


  • Strategic Forecasting
  • Pipeline Forecasting
  • Inline Forecasting

Whether used as part of our DDS™ BrandEX™ platform or as a standalone service offering, D Cube’s Managed Markets Analytics services delivers value to our customers through an integrated payer-provider-patient framework that delivers rare insights beyond the usual. We understand the increasing complexities & dependencies in today’s managed markets world and how important it is for organizations to stay ahead of trends in order to maximize the value of their products.

Payer Analytics

  • Favorable Access/ Pull through impact studies
  • Product utilization & switching behavior analysis
  • Therapy formulary mix and tier based ROI analytics
  • Payer segmentation by geography, affordability and source of business

Patient Analytics

  • Compliance and drop-off rate Analytics
  • Loyalty and support programs monitoring
  • Patient adherence studies with restriction analysis

Provider Analytics

  • Provider/ KOL profiling and reporting
  • Physician segmentation and affiliation mapping
  • Physician/ KOL outreach and engagement Analytics

Contract Management Analytics

  • Intelligent contract decision Analytics
  • Contract performance monitoring and reporting
  • Data Integration & reporting
unstructured text analytics

Track sentiments and perceptions directly at the patient or physician level and learn about the effectiveness and reach of campaigns, competitor noise and glean insights from your non traditional feedback channels as well as text Data such as Rep/ MSL notes.

Social Media Analytics

Capture key insights from social chatter on risk-benefit, unmet needs, new indications & campaign feedback

Internal Rep/ MSL Feedback Analytics

Glean key insights and design interventions based on data previously considered unusable

Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center data Analytics helps companies identify ways to serve customers effectively


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