Brand Social Pulse

The Brand Pulse is a social media listening & analysis app that provides timely insights to understand and influence stakeholder’s behavior.
  • Self learning AI
  • Enterprise Ready
  • 100% Customizable
  • Contextual Taxonomy Libraries
  • Targeted Web Scraping
  • Intelligent Categorization & Consumption


Measure, strategize, act through brand pulse

Buzz volume and channel

Insight into the presence of your and competitive brand on social media discussions as well as breakdown by social media channel (e.g. Blog vs. Facebook vs. Twitter)

Buzz trend and key events

Overlaying social media buzz trend over key events and milestones provides an overview of the impact of those events.

Brand sentiment

Provides overall sentiment of the consumers compared to other relevant brands as well as the ability to drill into brand sentiment by different patient types.

Sentiment drivers

Insight into the key drivers of brand sentiment that provides leading indicator of performance & better understand specific issues and concerns.

Case Studies

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