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Big Data Challenges in Healthcare


In the modern era, the term ‘Big data’ has become familiar in recent years with huge amounts of information being generated and stored by companies. Big Data analytics helps healthcare industry to find answers to many age-related issues, particularly chronic disease and dementia management.  While the Healthcare and related fields remains one of the most impact industries for data analytics, there are many big data challenges in healthcare that need to be addressed.

As the term suggests, the first problem is the size of data itself. While dealing hundreds of thousands of pieces of information, studying data for processes such as sales performance analytics can be a huge mess. Moreover, the data can be only effective to perform real world evidence analytics provided quality data is available, which more often than not is an unlikely event due to the magnitude of data, which needs to be dealt with.

Secondly, there is a shortage of more than a 100000 resources in the analytics field by 2020. Coupled with a shortage of skillset, most of the positions will remain vacant. To perform analysis through the means of sales performance analytics, the data analysts need to be equipped with technical skills that are backed by a possession of strong soft skills base.  Moreover, the outdated policies need to be revamped if the real world evidence analytics want to perform a credible examination and prediction of the future patients and dynamics of the healthcare environment.

Big data challenges in healthcare also comprise of change management. When the experienced persons are asked and encouraged to take decisions based on stored data, make their decisions through the analysis formed through sales performance analytics, the resistance is bound to occur. Change management is an invisible hurdle that will cause the experienced professionals take time to shift to real world evidence analytics.  However they need to be convinced that it is a step forwards towards comprehensive growth.

In-house data has become a massive industry that amounts to approximately $122 billion. However, there are some organisations and hospitals with massive potential which have not taken proper measures to keep up with this exponential growth. Along with developing data storage centers, the organizations also need to develop the ability to analyze, assess, and to add, compute power and add to the storage capacity through the means of transferring the data to cloud.

Another issue that needs to be taken care of is to maintain at all times high availability of services and access the data even if the data center has been under the influence of a natural event or destroyed by say a fire in the hospital. Moving the data to cloud can help in keeping data safe and provide availability at all times.

Big data possess a great deal of significance for healthcare industry and the analytical solutions provided by Dcube helps in tackling the key Big data challenges in healthcare industry. This would mean a comprehensive leap for the healthcare industry towards better overall patient experience, cost reduction and better implementation of strategies.


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