D Cube Analytics has been acquired by Trinity Life Sciences


by D Cube Analytics Marketing

Illinois-headquartered D Cube Analytics, an end-to-end Data Analytics Solution Partner that has been helping deliver Data-Driven Commercial Strategies for Biopharma since 2014, announced the acquisition by Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences commercialization solutions. 

The acquisition adds extensive data science and digital transformation capabilities to Trinity’s growing commercialization portfolio. D Cube Analytics’ bespoke analytics platforms, purpose-built for life sciences companies, help extract maximum value out of data investments and facilitate decision-making to achieve commercial outcomes more effectively and efficiently.

D Cube Analytics brings together leaders with more than 75 years of combined experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry with a shared passion for creating disruptive products and services.

“The synergies that D Cube Analytics and Trinity share are clear,” said Vijay Nandakumar, co-founder, and CEO of D Cube Analytics. 

“Life sciences companies are at the cusp of a data science revolution where the needs go far beyond clean, transparent, and easy-to-manage data. The focus is on insights and speed of responsiveness to market dynamics. Our suite of capabilities combined with Trinity’s strategic therapeutic and commercial expertise offer clients the total package.”

“It was important for us to find a company that had a similar culture as D Cube Analytics and put clients first. Trinity’s purpose – every decision impacts a life – really spoke to us and aligned with our goals,” said Dr. Ajay Chandhok, co-founder, and President of D Cube Analytics. “We all know why we get up in the morning – to help life sciences companies make decisions that bring successful life-changing and life-saving treatments to market.”

“Our strategy to revolutionize the life sciences commercial model includes embracing data science. D Cube Analytics brings us high-value, innovative technology platforms that will allow our clients to accelerate their brand strategies,” said David Fitzhenry, CEO of Trinity Life Sciences. “We are excited to add the D Cube Analytics team and their best-in-class offerings to our business.”

“The amount of innovation in the life sciences analytics space for the commercialization of products is growing at an exponential rate,” said Neal Dunn, Senior Partner, Analytics. “The D Cube Analytics acquisition allows Trinity to accelerate our already growing analytics practice with more deployable technology and proven machine learning models. It also provides Trinity with the scale and tools to help our clients shape and define how and when they should use analytics in a meaningful way – strong analytics will be key to all successful brands.”