Launch Mission Control Setup Can Help Leaders Achieve Global Launch Excellence


“The foundational capabilities organizations need to invest in to operationalize launch excellence. We believe that there are three key steps to put in practice a strong launch excellence platform”

In the previous blog, we discussed measures global Pharma brand leaders can take to power a next-generation launch and achieve their strategic objectives. Now, let’s look at the foundational capabilities organizations need to invest in to operationalize launch excellence. We believe that there are three key steps to put in a practice a strong launch excellence platform.

Start with a design approach:

From a strategic standpoint, it is critical to clearly & objectively define launch success and translate the objectives into 3-5 measurable, distinct “Success Factors”

Tracking and ensuring these success factors meet set expectations then automatically ensures the overall success of the launch. While each brand launch is different, success factors generally tend to be around:

  1. How best to highlight clinical differentiation
  2. Figuring out the best access strategy
  3. Understanding & targeting high responder segments
  4. Communicating real-world RiskBenefit- so on & so forth

It is important for the brand teams to characterize their assets and prioritize 3-5 success factors well in advance.

Setup of a brand management technology platform:

Identifying the success factors for a specific launch is only the beginning; the next step is to shape and execute towards achieving them effectively.

To successfully navigate the new care delivery model and associated market uncertainties, companies will need to invest in an integrated analytical platform that goes beyond traditional business intelligence software. These are platforms that can ingest data in any format from any source, report on key KPIs, provide the capability to perform predictive analytics, and generate insights to drive decisions in realtime.

This sort of an integrated technology platform is an important cog in the launch excellence machinery as it acts as the engine that leverages all available data and churns automated insights, alerts, and recommendations to the launch teams so they can track to the success factors.

Establish a launch center of excellence:

Finally, companies need to necessarily invest in a launch center of excellence that is staffed with Pharma experts, Decision Scientists, Initiative coordinators, and Statisticians and cater to the Brand and Functional leadership.

This kind of capability is very important not only for a brand but also for the organization in creating a “success mindset” and blueprint for analytical excellence. This approach draws from a central mission control setup where the whole team comes together with a single-minded focus on the success of the mission at hand (space, military, etc.)

Likewise, a launch CoE provides distinguished human capital that leverages disruptive big data technologies to track and predict the course of a brand launch. Senior brand and functional leadership can then act as problem-solving partners rather than fire-fighting and ensure successful steering of the launch mission.

These very approaches are yielding rich dividends in other industries like Retail, E-commerce & Banking, where new product launch teams leverage analytics and centers of excellence to drive product success. Recent studies confirm that leaders in the life sciences organizations are ready to adopt a similar approach to power their launches from the earliest stages of planning.