How technology enabled intelligence can power strategic planning & execution for your Brands?

CI Practitioners are always on the lookout for actionable information and intelligence from every nook & corner of the physical and digital world. While traditional sources like clinical trial updates, earnings calls, analyst reports and other secondary sources hold valuable data, newer sources like the web and social media are increasingly getting leveraged. This leads to a situation where the CI practitioner find themselves drinking from a firehose. With an explosion in data sources, it is imperative that practitioners differentiate signal from noise, segregate and present intelligence and insights in a way that can be effectively consumed by recipients. A successful CI team today is measured by insights & actionable intelligence it can disseminate to the right audience and not just by the quantum of information it can curate.

So, how do CI teams adapt to today’s trends? As indicated in our previous blog, a modern CI solution would still be based on a bedrock of human intelligence but significantly supported by technology to automate curation, segmentation & organization of intelligence as well as tracking of actions. The solution architecture should integrate multiple sources of internal and external data, from traditional & non-traditional sources, effectively communicate key market events and insights to stakeholders across the organization. The ideal solution should have the following components:

  • A strong technology backend that extracts and integrates quantitative as well as qualitative data from multiple sources is an absolute necessity. The extraction engine should be able to automatically gather from key sources like Clinical Trial updates, news articles, analyst reports and other syndicated sources
  • A smart algorithm to parse and organize incoming data into pre-defined buckets. The algorithm should be trainable in the sense that it self-learns in the medium-long term to automatically filter signal from noise and categorize incoming feeds per their origin and content.
  • A Simple, powerful & intuitive visual interface that provides easily digestible chunks of intelligence to stakeholders with ability to customize view of stakeholder role and function in the organization.
  • A Business rules framework & curation interface for CI practitioners is a necessary feature that will ensure a seamless integration of human and system intelligence. Through this crucial solution component, we leave complete control in hands of trained CI practitioners and provide them with multiple digital helping hands to curate, organize & disseminate intelligence throughout the organization
  • A Collaboration mechanism to ensure there is active exchange of intelligence & insights across stakeholders is an important last-mile feature required to truly harness the power of information collected and insights generated

In a move to provide actionable insights, CI organizations should undertake moves that embraces technology and moves the needle for their parent organizations in terms of end value generated. If you are a CI practitioner looking to disrupt the way you deliver intelligence to your organization, we invite you to check out our DDSTM Tracktion platform and we will show how we can help you achieve your goals.