Boosting Market Impact of Promotions

Hemanth Kumar Gandham

Associate Consultant

Pradeep Kumar

Principal Consultant – Data Science

Client: BioPharma
Year: 2017

A promotional strategy is as good as its impact on the market – wider reach, higher sales and better brand awareness. A highly competitive market, as Oncology, requires well-directed strategies, with focus on identifying the right target audience, especially for a new drug. Strategizing the approach to target the key influencers in the market requires an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics as well as the prescribing behaviour of the influencers.

Effectiveness of a promotion is not just bound by the lift in scripts or rep calls sent out but is also dependent on several other parameters which drive a successful market offering. We decided to leverage this, integrating varied data sources and market intelligence, to paint the complete picture that encompasses attributes like treating behaviour of prescribers, prioritisation of influencers, effectiveness of rep calls etc.

The rich insights from the robust analytical solutions helped the pharmaceutical companies to:

  1. Increase brand visibility
  2. Understand the key drivers for successful rep calls
  3. Identify and prioritise the key influencers in the market
  4. Understand the major factors influencing treating decisions in the market
  5. Achieve a high lift in scripts for their novel products

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D Cube Analytics is an Integrated Data Sciences company focused on extracting transformational insights from syndicated, real world and digital data to increase revenue realization, avert revenue loss, enhance internal productivity and improve end user experience for global Pharmaceutical organizations.

D Cube is pioneering a Digital Transformation wave within BioPharma by leveraging new age tools and methodologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation to greatly improve the productivity of workforce and significantly enhancing speed to insight. Through this new age product-based approach to delivering analytics, we greatly reduce the cost and complexity of deployments and provide measurable value across multiple business functions.

Find out how D Cube can help you to elevate your market access intelligence and develop rigorous strategies that enable success in the market, throughout the product life cycle.


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