Client situation overview on Segmentation

Client Situation

Situation Client wanted to build customer segmentations to support marketing development and commercialization efforts to support launch of a new product to treat severe anaphylaxis. Overall intent &Objective
  • Identify, characterize, and size HCP and Patient/Caregiver segments within the US anaphylaxis market
  • Prioritize segments that will most benefit from the brand and develop strategy and tactics
Tactical goals
  • Determine key demographic, attitudinal, behavioral and emotional drivers that differentiate HCPs and Patients/Caregivers
  • Identify, profile, and prioritize segments
  • Develop opportunities

D Cube approach

Qualitative research
  • 60-minute TDIs to define relevant landscape and identify / confirm potential segmentation variables
  • Preliminary buying process and market maps to support development of quantitative instruments and analytics plan
Quantitative research
  • 60 minutes online survey(s)
  • Separate surveys for physicians and patient/caregiver
  • Survey pre-tests were conducted to ensure proper refinement and clarity
Segmentation and messaging analysis
  • Key segmentation variables were identified and segmentation solution options were generated
  • Options were reviewed and one segmentation solution was selected for HCPs and one for Patients/Caregivers
  • Detailed profiles and appropriate messages for the selected segmentation options were developed

Deliverables and impact

Deliverables used to effectively:
  • Inform product marketing development and commercialization efforts
  • Identify and prioritize “high opportunity” segments to maximize launch potential
  • Optimize promotional and educational activities for effective and efficient communication with target segments
  • Inform strategies and tactics to make the most of patient-physician interactions