A holistic reporting suite to track field force effectiveness and enable optimal customer engagement

Overhauled a large pharma company’s suite of field reporting dashboards with cleaner views, better performance, and optimal user experience for their re-aligned portfolio of Bone and Cardiovascular field forces driving adoption and reducing time to insight

field force on dashboards


increase in dashboard performance


reduction in maintenance effort

“Just a quick note to say thank you for all the awesome work you guys delivered during the last several months to launch the new reports for our Bone and Cardiovascular team.

It was a very complex project with many stakeholders, super – aggressive timelines, and a very dynamic environment where new requirements happened almost every day since we started with the project.

I really think we just launched the best set of reports we have ever had.”


The client was undergoing a restructuring of field forces for its Bone and Cardiovascular portfolio and needed to redesign and enhance its field force reporting suite to align with the new operating model. The client also wanted to drive adoption amongst the end-users through a better user experience.


D Cube Analytics leveraged our proprietary 6-D framework to build cleaner views, enhanced visualizations, ultra – fast dashboard performance, and efficient persona-based access implementation, driving adoption among the field teams through optimal user experience and reduced time to insight.


Overhauled the storyboard and information flow through –

  1. Cleaner views for better UX
  2. Enhanced visualizations and dashboard linking for more intuitive analysis
  3. Organized filters for easier access to large amounts of data

Improved performance by leveraging 6-D Framework to emphasize basic principles of optimization like –

  1. Computing a majority of calculations on the backend through efficient data models
  2. Avoid redundancy in logic
  3. Astute technical practices like using numbers in place of string search
  4. Optimizing row-level permissions to implement an efficient access control list to ensure data security and relevancy to the user


  • D Cube Analytics partnered with the client to execute their largest ever field reporting restructuring project, delivering 20+ dashboards in 8 weeks
  • 70% increase in adoption driven by optimal UX, enhanced storyboard and visualizations, reduced time to insight, and ultra-fast dashboard performance
  • Reduced the maintenance effort by half by implementing efficient persona-based row level restrictions and combining rep/manager views


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