How we helped our customers unearth key business insights by leveraging unstructured Patient level EMR data


The customer has an asset in the early stage of development which could either compete or complement existing SoC, therefore, wanted to understand the evolving market landscape in melanoma and NSCLC where multiple PD1 and Targeted therapies being launched and adopted extensively in the treatment practice


Though real-world data is a rich source of physician and patient interaction for the adopted treatment, it comes with its own challenges owing to unstructured nature of raw claims in terms of defining Line of Therapy and Regimen Mapping


D Cube developed an advanced algorithm to clean the unstructured data to define the Regimens/ line of therapy to build the key KPI’s around forecasting assumptions and develop the market overview


D Cube helped the customer gain a robust understanding of the evolving market through our solution that provided a detailed classification of patients with following data cuts:
  • Patient share distribution by Stage, LoT and Regimen; Patient Share by EGFR status
  • Regimen share by LoT within a stage; Regimen Switch Matrix for PD1 and Targeted therapies
  • This classification helped the customer to create a patient flow to develop better understanding of the market