How we deployed our Sandbox solution to drive profit improvements within the marketing department of a mid-size BioPharma

Client Situation

Leader brand within the RA space Traditionally using heavy marketing and aggressive patient outreach strategy Key questions:
  • Client was launching new indication, but was not sure how to market them without confusing patients & physicians about existing indication
  • Media agency recommends to “Go dark” on certain channels for the old indication and aggressively leverage digital channels for new indication


  • Negative Social Media reduced customer acquisitions by -7.8%
  • Direct to Patient & CME programs contributed 15% to core product customer acquisitions and prevented 12% of churn
  • Other marketing channels (mostly digital) were already saturated and could not absorb effectively more marketing funds
  • The optimal allocation required even bigger increase of direct stakeholder spend and reduction of some digital investments
  • This MMM driven optimization delivered 15% profit increase


Undertook a methodical approach to understand impact of different channels and drive prioritization. Leveraged the DDSTM platform components to integrate & prepare client data as well as setup advanced analytics workflows and visualizations
Digital Discovery Suite