How we helped a global BioPharma company optimize their sales call planning process


  • The client engages in a call planning exercise twice a year in order to develop a Plan of Action (POA) for its sales teams.
  • The data extraction and transformation for this process is executed in SAS.
  • Over the past few years, changes in inputs and business rules had been incorporated into the process in an ad-hoc manner.
  • As a result of the complex process, each POA exercise was becoming increasingly harder to complete
    • Changes in business rules were harder to implement as they had not been planned for
    • Input data layouts changed from iteration to iteration
    • Quality control was time consuming


To design and implement a new call planning process that captured information flow starting from the raw data to the creation of inputs for the CRM system. This process had to:

  • Be modular and flexible so that any changes to business rules could be implemented by changing the appropriate process modules
  • Be scalable such that any changes to the product portfolio and sales force structure could be easily accommodated within the framework
  • Contain file layouts for inputs and outputs for each module/ process step
  • Be implemented in SAS with supporting documentation


  • D Cube achieved the project objectives by designing and implementing a modular, flexible and scalable process by :
    • Optimizing data mart structure for efficient querying
    • Designing components as generic modules that were parameterized (to allow passing business rules as parameters) to accommodate most future rule changes
    • Creating standardized templates for input and output data to each module and adding quality control processes after each step
  • The call planning process was significantly more flexible than before, allowing users to modify the process to accommodate changes in sales force structure with minimal effort.