How we helped a large BioPharma set the baseline and track overall buzz and key issues for a new launch drug in a highly competitive market place

health data analytics


A large multinational client was preparing to launch a new drug device combo in a crowded market place. They wanted to baseline and track the overall buzz related to the new product as well as identify key stakeholders, opinion leaders & influencers in order to better prepare their positioning and outreach strategy during launch


We leveraged our DDSTM TRACKTION platform and customized an organic tool that was able to gather data from multiple sources across the social web, patient forums, physician networks as well as KOL blogs.

We were able to quickly convert the large volume of data into tangible insights in near-real time.

Impacts / Benefits

The client was able to accurately measure the increase in buzz post their messaging/ outreach activities. Furthermore, we were able to identify key segments of patient influencers & KOLs along with topics of interest around key unmet needs and pain points along the patient journey.

This ongoing feedback channel helps the client to better target at a micro segment level with an appropriate resonating message.