How we helped a top BioPharma company gather key insights around prescriber perceptions and generated prospective KPIs

Client Situation

The client was a West Coast MNC and was interested in understanding how they can leverage their qualitative Data sets to arrive at a better understanding of the needs & perceptions of their target Physicians so they can drive a more effective outreach towards them. The client had the following Data sets at their disposal:
  • Prescriber survey
  • Social Media Data
  • Internal CRM and/or MCM platform data
  • Other custom sources

Key Challenges

Dealing with unstructured Data was a challenge given the client’s existing infrastructure. With unstructured Data coming in from multiple sources, the necessary capabilities from an technology infrastructure and analytical methodology was unavailable to the client given their enterprise roadmap

Solution & Impact

We used the DDSTM platform to bring in large amounts of unstructured data and leveraged our NLP and other advanced algorithms to parse through the text and extract sentiments, topics of interest and other key insights.
  • Benefits of the solution to the team were as follows:
  • Understand critical prospective indicators of performance
  • Derive first-level understanding of reach of digital marketing & out reach programs
  • Garner insights to proactively design marketing interventions to correct trends
  • Dive deeper to understand effectiveness of different channels and associated financial/ strategic ROI