How we helped Brands and sales managers unearth key sales insights for a launch Brands of a mid-size biopharma company

Client Situation

The customer was a east coast mid-size BioPharma and required support in managing the sales activities of their new launch in the competitive type II diabetes space. Though they had already invested in data sources from syndicated vendors and had also setup their internal systems to capture data from the field. The key category of data sources they had are as follows:
  • Symphony PHAST
  • Patient Transaction Data
  • CRM Data
  • Call Plan Data
  • Sales Rep Timesheets

Key Challenges

The client was facing the traditional challenges of data being in different silos with varying levels of quality and structure. They needed a rapid solution to ensure all the data sets are ingested and integrated to provide a 360 degree view of the sales performance including tracking against goals and predicting region level sales

Solution & Impact

We used the DDSTM suite to bring in “messy” data from multiple sources and were able to operationalize a standardized set that would fit our our sales data models. Once this process was tested and automated, we were able to quickly power a series of out of the box as well as custom dashboards and models to support overall launch tracking from a sales standpoint. Benefits of the solution to the team were as follows:
  • Understand key sales force metrics and insights;
  • Discover problem areas around reach frequency as well as top 3-5 hurdles faced at the prescriber level
  • Gain Zip / Territory level insights around sales force performance
  • Leverage insights to optimize sales force performance optimization
Template for visualizing territory alignment & performance
Library of advanced analytics workflows with ability to customize & reuse
Goal tracking dashboard
Model outputs visualized and consumed through our stunning HyperBase interface