How we helped brand and sales managers unearth key sales insights for a launch brand of a mid-size biopharma company

Client Situation

The customer was a east coast mid-size BioPharma and required support in managing the sales activities of their new launch in the competitive type II diabetes space. Although they were leveraging syndicated data sets to track the launch, they wanted additional & more timely insights around the effectiveness and reach of their sales strategy so they can plan for more relevant course corrections


To supplement the traditional syndicated data sets, D Cube proposed sending targeted surveys through the field force and digital channels to collect near real time insights from key stakeholders across strategic accounts. We used the DDSTM suite to bring in “messy” data from multiple sources and were able to operationalize a standardized set that would fit our our sales data models. Once this process was tested and automated, we were able to quickly power a series of out of the box as well as custom dashboards and models to support overall launch tracking from a sales standpoint.

Solution and Impact

Benefits of the solution to the team were as follows:
  • Understand key sales force metrics and insights;
  • Discover problem areas around reach frequency as well as top 3-5 hurdles faced at the prescriber level
  • Gain Zip / Territory level insights around sales force performance
  • Leverage insights to optimize sales force performance optimization
Data Analytics In Healthcare Industry
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Data Analytics In Healthcare Industry