How we leveraged our BrandEX solution to help an oncology bio-tech streamline their sales strategy, continuously. Measure and design interventions to achieve Objectives

Client Situation

The customer was managing their sales activities of their $300Mn+ portfolio of products through manual pull of data from the database and use of data cubes to run analytics. Through this process, a lot of productive time was lost in just getting the reports together and by the time the users got what they wanted, they often missed the “window of opportunity” for actions

Key Challenges

The customer wanted to move completely from a spreadsheet driven culture to an automated reporting & analytics driven decision making mode. Their current data sources were also scattered across the organization without much standardization

Solution Impact

The customer saw a huge improvement in productivity (~40% in time & effort) through the automation of the insights generation process. Furthermore, the customer was able to manager their sales & marketing programs much more effectively as they had timely feedback around program & resource effectiveness that enabled them to take appropriate financial, strategic & tactical actions.
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