How we leveraged supervised learning & guided Analytics to help account managers identify opportunities for better outcomes and derive value from value based partnerships

Client Situation

A large West Coast BioPharma was looking to setup a data analytics platform to support their value based contracting initiative with one of the nation’s largest IDNs. They needed support with setting up the right data analytics infrastructure that can capture data from disparate systems and operationalize key insights around patient outcomes, cost of care & overall value.
Stakeholders Involved
  • Payers
  • Prescribers & Provider Networks
  • Academia/ Non-profit
  • Governments/ Foundations
Challenges addressed
  • Lack of integrated view into key drivers of patient adherence, compliance, cost of care & other outcomes
  • Choosing the optimal clinical & economic outcomes as value based targets
  • Objective performance measurement against outcomes for each account at multiple levels to design interventions
  • Understanding the utilization & effectiveness of interventions

Solution components

  • We leveraged D Cube’s DDSTM platform to connect with numerous systems to bring in medical claims, prescription claims and population Health Data to track patients and facilities longitudinally in order to better impact outcomes and meet value based targets around efficacy, cost of care or both
  • Integrated data & Analytics platform to collect and derive insights from disparate Data sources including partner Data systems
  • Ability to gather patient level data from IOT devices
  • Segment patient pool and design patient level outreach & interventions based on results to positively impact outcomes