Identify physicians that are most likely to show a declining trend of prescribing drug in future


Identify the prescribers declining behavior of prescribing the drug and do a segmented targeting using various media channels to arrest the declining behavior and maintain the market share for the product


  • Data sources: Sales data, claims data, calls data, media data
  • Overview of approach: Evaluated various Models and finalized XgBoost machine learning model
Pharmaceutical Research Associates


  • Overall Analysis : Captured 78% of decliner’s by targeting 30% of targets
  • Key Insights and Impact: An estimate of the sales & revenue opportunities associated with implementing a model-guided intervention program was $105M in annualized revenue opportunity, targeting 1,307 physicians assuming a monthly value of $5,000 per TRx
  • Strategize the marketing efforts to ensure significant activities in the areas where target physicians reside
  • Ensuring that call detailing also involves effective co-pay card distribution and track for online fulfillment and renewals of the drug copay card
  • Customize detailing message to focus on solving
  • For any access and reimbursement issues at the physician office