Implementation of Pre-Launch Solution for a drug to be launched in the Type II Diabetes

pharma analytics

Client Situation

Client description
  • A Mid-Size Bio-Pharma company is planning to launch a drug in the Type II Diabetes
  • Looking for an integrated Pre-Launch solution that provides them a 360° view of the market and can serve as a strategy building tool for various stakeholders
  • 10+ different data sources
  • Number of stakeholders both from Breadth (Various functions) and Depth (Analysts to CXOs) perspective was expansive
  • Tight deadlines- had to implement and standup the solution in less than 10 weeks
  • Provide a centralized pre-launch planning tool managed by the brand team and accessed by functional teams- sales, marketing, access, distribution- to track, understand and inform a holistic brand launch strategy formulation

D Cube Approach

Implementation of the DDS™ BrandEX™ prelaunch module:
  • D Cube applied our DDS™ Pre-Launch solution and customized it for our client
  • Pre-built data models enabled faster data ingestion, blending and output creation
  • Pre-Defined KPIs made the discovery process smooth and overall implementation seamless
  • Well thought out views to cater all stake holders & configurable automated insights were built in for effective consumption and decision making

Client Impact

  • Solution was of strategic importance in baselining the market before launch and formulating function specific tactics- solution approach recommended for upcoming launches as well.
  • Implemented entire solution in less than 10 Weeks with 1/3rd the budget of the previous vendor
  • Created interactive modules that spanned across multiple levels of management as well as functions that delivered automated insights as well as provided the ability for functional leaders to conduct detailed root cause analysis (Example modules included but not limited to: market overview, market access, source of business, pricing and revenue trends, marketing and promotions, competitive intelligence, social media tracking etc.)
  • Automated In-Built insights were a critical outcome for all stakeholders