Implemented a Data Infrastructure platform for enabling the customer for effective Brand Launch Analytics in less than 8 weeks

Built an End to End Analytics platform to enable a scalable Data Lake & ensure Data Quality, Catalog, Logging, and Monitoring along with catering to immediate reporting needs.

to establish Data Lake

faster time to insights

“I never knew we could build a data lake so quickly.

DDS Terra was a game-changer for our organization. Easy to understand, scale and deploy.”


The client wanted to establish a Data Lake for Commercial organizations to enable end-to-end Brand launch analytics. The need was to build an analytics platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The client had an agreement to source data from external vendors like MMIT and also bring its own internal data systems onto the newly built Data Lake.

The data residing in the Data Lake was to be leveraged for Tableau reporting and building dashboards.


  • Build an Analytics platform that will cater to data ingestion from various data source systems
  • Transform and curate data to make it consumption ready for reporting needs Action insights to enable Businesses to deliver critical insights


  • AWS component provisioning, core networking, VPN provisioning
  • Data Analytics Framework to power end-to-end foundation needs
  • Use pre-built KPIs and feature libraries
  • Design an industry-standard pre-built functional architecture
  • Develop a normalized CDW of all internal and external data that powers business function-specific use cases
  • Scale up the existing CDW and develop functional data models that power enterprise-wide reporting, data science, self-service analytics platforms, and applications


  • Business-focused data dictionaries helped increase data lake adoption
  • Consistent and repeatable workflows to the established high trust data ecosystem
  • Comprehensive solution provided Physician, Field force, Payer and Marketing insights
  • Developed master datasets by applying business rules and automated processes
  • Provided ability to ingest, process, validate a variety of pharma business sources


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