How we leveraged our BrandEX product to support the successful launch of an Oncology asset for a Major BioPharma

Client Situation

Client description
  • New drug launch team within Oncology franchise of major BioPharma
  • Looking to launch into a market with 2 strong incumbents
  • Existing infrastructure overly complex to implement solution for launch tracking
  • Uptake low, both with sales force and marketing organizations
  • Evolving business needs around real world evidence, digital analytics etc.
  • Difficulty attaining insights as analytical package was integrated too late in the process
  • Create robust platform to manage launch performance of drug and expand to other portfolios

D-Cube Approach

  • Interviewed wide-range of business partners across functions
  • Identified key metrics to track for both current & prospective performance measurement
  • Identified opportunities to merge non-traditional data sets that can result in meaningful insights
  • Leveraged our cloud based platform to manage the huge volume of historic competitor data and current asset data
  • Customized and deployed our BRANDEX launch module with integrated and individual access points for multiple stakeholders across the organization
  • Revealed opportunities for simplification to improve sales rep uptake and productivity

Client Impact

  • 32% Increase in Rx through group identified as high value targets
  • Proactive identification of sales force reach issue in NE region and averting revenue leakage
  • Custom modules to track digital initiatives and real world evidence data were implemented in record time
  • 67% conversion from negative to positive sentiment among high value stakeholder group through focused campaign and awareness programs