How we leveraged our DDS™ platform and data science expertise to derive hidden insights from text data within CRM applications

Client Situation

The customer was a large BioPharma and were seeking additional insights from their field force to better optimize their integrated promotional plan such that the ROI across their personal and non-personal promotional channels is optimal


D Cube helped identified a treasure trove of data that could yield invaluable insights to the customer lying in their CRM system. We then leveraged our productized approach along with data science expertise to index all the underlying unstructured data and crystalize key insights around patients, sentiments and associations related to the brand across stakeholders


Our solution provided an indexed output leveraging all the underlying text data to provide topic and stakeholder level insights (Physician perceptions, associations etc.). This helped the customer understand key trending issues and unmet needs which then helped them effectively message their campaigns across all channels per each segment of physicians.

Representative outputs for Brand, Sales & Marketing Teams

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Top Pharmaceutical Consulting Firms