Elevate your Market Access Intelligence to enable optimal contracting & pricing strategies 

Supported a Large Biopharma Company with rich insights in Payer & Provider dynamics by studying the market access landscape 

source of truth for 20+ Oncology & Gen-Med Indications & Drugs


through end-to-end automation

We appreciate all your combined efforts in pulling this humongous solution together.

This is an important capability that the entire organization was long awaiting and was never in our reach until now.

Thank you for all the hard work and the thought leadership that went behind developing such a smart yet robust solution”


The client had a couple of assets in the pipeline to be launched in oncology & gen-med markets.

Their existing solution was disparate and siloed across functional teams, plagued with problems in adoption and time to insight.

They were in pursuit of a comprehensive solution to aid their pre-launch and launch strategy development and execution.


D Cube Analytics leveraged DDS Terra to integrate multiple data sources (LAAD, MMIT, CDP) and created a robust & dynamic analytical data layer to perform various market access landscape studies across different TAs using comprehensive Tableau based solutions with end-to-end KPI coverage and optimal information flow.


Using our in-house proprietary tools and frameworks, we created a TA/Brand agnostic solution coupled with intuitive visuals, data cuts, and functionalities to facilitate enhanced user experience.

The developed solution comprised of end-to-end components essential for understanding the entire market access landscape all in one place. Solution summaries include the following,

  1. Drug Utilization and Growth
  2. Coverage Preference & Evolution
  3. Reimbursement & Access Rate Insights
  4. Top Payers Summary
  5. Top Providers Summary
  6. Buy-down & Copay strategies


  • One-stop-shop for all the queries related to market access landscape for more than 15+ Therapeutic areas
  • Achieved more than 50% reduction in the time-to-action through our intuitive, consolidated & robust solution
  • Achieved reduction in the development and maintenance cost by 70% through the use of in-house frameworks and automation practices

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