Non Personal Promotion Campaign Design & Effectiveness measurement for a large MNC Pharma

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Client Situation

Client description
  • A large pharmaceutical company wanted to run a non personal promotional campaign for a newly launched drug in Estrogen Combo Therapy market
  • Needs to target HCPs who were not receiving any kind of personal promotions.
  • Following Non Personal Promotion options were available – Outbound Tele Sampling(OTS),E-samples, Direct Mails, Rep Triggered emails & Emails( Message specific)
  • Lacked capabilities to reliably measure the ROI of digital investments as well as to optimize investment across the different channels available
  • Put in place a system to clearly measure activity, utilization and ROI of all their digital channels in order to effectively plan investments and outreach

D-Cube Approach

Implementation of the DAM Module:
  • We supported the client right through the campaign design and implementation phases
  • Campaign was conducted in 3 waves to achieve maximum reach and impact
  • Test and Control groups were set to measure campaign effectiveness
    • Test Group – All HCPs who have were part of the program in the lock-in period
    • Control Group – The whole universe of HCPs who wrote in the market and weren’t part of the program
  • Post this, the entire value chain from data collection, transformation & storage to reporting out insights in form of automated dashboards was operationalized on our DAM Module

Client Impact

  • There was an increase of 3.7% of Brand NRx lift for the test group in Wave 2 and 2% lift in Wave 3
  • The analysis indicated that excessive E sampling and OTS does not have an impact on prescription pattern of HCPs
  • Out of all the campaigns Direct mails and Emails had the most positive impact in terms of lift
  • Writers who were sent Cost & Coverage and Safety emails had a higher lifts than others
  • The platform was expanded to include more data channels and resulted in an end-end automated digital analytics suite for the franchise
  • Plans are on to expand the DAM module to other franchises as well as integrate data from physical channels to drive an effective cross TA multi-channel marketing strategy