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Background & Objective

The payer strategy group within a large BioPharma client wanted to have a single source of truth for tracking & understanding the payer/plans. The client wanted to performance of optimize their spending on rebate which accounts for more than 20% of total revenue and understand how best to supplement their access strategy with patient support programs for lives within those accounts.

Overall Approach

We carried out the Integration of SHA PHAST, PrescriberSource, MMIT & internal data to view key metrics around lives covered, access favorability and co-pay/ buydown trends.

We then developed an elasticity model for different rebate, co-pay and buydown scenarios for the brand to simulate different market outcomes.

Insights & Results

The payer strategy team as well as the larger brand team had a clear view of the overall access position & favorability of the brand w.r.t. key competitors.

Armed with insights around key reasons for rejection/ reversal for their brand in view of their favorability with the major payers, they were able to optimise the rebating strategy as well as better target their patient support & assistance programs region-wise. All these efforts resulted in a significant improvement in their Access Score* within a short period of time.