Outreach effectiveness monitoring to optimize spending and enhance outcomes


A Pharma company with primarily in-licensed products wanted to analyze the speaker programs carried out for their newly acquired product.

Client had ambitious plan to roll out the programs to a much larger audience in wide geographic area.

Before initiating the next series of programs client wanted to analyze the impact and identify the segments and speakers that could be potential targets for their program.


Evaluate the incremental prescription units for the speaker program participants versus a control group using IMS data.

Estimate the ROI and break-even point of the program at overall level and also at sub-segment level.

Profile the physicians segments which generated a good response to the program.Controlling Parameters: Prescriptions prior to the program should be similar, Decile, Specialty, Region, Detailing.

Impacts / Benefits

  • Identified the group of prescribers who should be considered for speaker programs in future.
  • Identified the type of programs that yield good results and are cost effective.
  • Recommended the right mix of prescribers and non-prescribers for the program.
  • Effective/ Better promotional messages that can be given by speakers during the course of the programs.