Patients Flow Analysis in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Situation/ Business Question

A mid-size BioPharma client engaged us to help them create an understanding of the patient flow in a typical RA patient journey. They specifically wanted to focus on the following aspects :

  • Evaluation/Diagnosis
  • Lines of therapy & brand choice

Apart from this, they also wanted the Patient flow model to include :

  • Prevalent population
  • Diagnosed pool by severity
  • Treated pool & share of patients by line of therapy


  • We leveraged a mix of syndicated data sources along with desk research to come up with key insights around the RA market.
  • We then developed a visual Patient flow model that allowed user interactivity to try out different scenarios around:
    • Patient segments
    • Disease severity
    • Line of therapy and switches between therapies

Impacts / Benefits

The payer strategy team as well as the larger brand team had a clear view of the overall access position & favorability of the brand w.r.t. key competitors.

Model was developed through treatment algorithm and identifying patients at different stages of model flow and switching patterns.

Secondary research findings and references provided for future tweaking of the model Simulator to model different scenarios was implemented for the larger team Client was able to come up with an well informed go-to-market strategy.