A one-stop reporting suite for pre-launch cross-functional business needs

In the pursuit of a comprehensive reporting solution to aid pre-launch strategy and answer critical questions across Sales, Marketing, Market Access, and Pricing use cases, we integrated multiple data sources into an intuitive storyboard and delivered a holistic pre-launch reporting solution


Adoption of tool

build time

“These are dashboards on steroids!”


The client was in the process of launching their first asset, in the T2D market space. Their existing reporting and analytics were disparate and siloed across functional teams, plagued with problems in adoption and time to insight. They were in pursuit of a comprehensive reporting solution to aid their pre-launch and launch strategy development and execution.


D Cube Analytics leveraged DDS Terra to integrate multiple data sources from SHS, MMIT, SKNA, and Cegedim to create reporting ready data sets that power pre-launch specific use cases – powering a comprehensive Tableau based solution with end-to-end KPI coverage and optimal information flow.


D Cube Analytics deployed our cloud-based data management platform, DDS Terra, to ingest, transform and publish multiple data sources – Symphony PHAST & PTD, Prescriber Source, MMIT, Cegedim Promotions Survey data, & Territory alignment – in the form of reporting ready data sets to power downstream analytics and reporting.

D Cube Analytics proceed to implement a comprehensive Tableau based solution with the following capabilities –

  1. Automated Insights
  2. Rich Visualizations and Optimal information flow
  3. Executive Summary to detailed granular views that cater to all stakeholders
  4. Controlled user access to ensure the right stakeholders have access to relevant information


  • The tool became a one-stop solution for cross-functional business questions ranging from brand strategy to access, pricing & contracting, as well as sales and marketing teams
  • Deployed the entire Solution in 10 weeks, which was 2.5-3x faster than what their current partner proposed
  • Automated insights and recommendations feature was highly appreciated and resulted in nearly 70%+ adoption of the tool across functions for planning purposes within the first 2 weeks of launch
  • Deployment cost was approximately 40% lower and the overall cost of ownership over 3 years was estimated to be at least 50% lower than competitors


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