Prediction of physician response to promotional content

Client Situation

An East Coast MNC BioPharma wanted to predict the most optimal integrated promotional plan consisting of personal and non-personal promotional tactics in order to ensure effective physician outreach and increase in prescription activity

D Cube Approach

  • Initial exploratory Data analysis indicated several external and causal factors that influence prescription behavior. The impact of external factors had to be extracted out before causal factors were analyzed further
  • Built two-stage predictive model to identify significant causal factors and their relative importance. Stage 1 involved identifying external factors and creating the residual processed in stage 2 model to identify features that can be optimized for process improvement
  • We then combined a ”top down” approach with a “bottom-up” approach that determines the optimal volume, allocation & frequency of tactics based on responsiveness
  • We then leveraged econometric regressions to determine the optimal mix of marketing spend

Solution Impact

Client was able to use the results to improve the sales interactions and optimize exposure frequency and depth across various promotional materials to significantly improve physician response Approximately 18% QOQ increase in Rx scripts was observed in the target Physician universe


Updated Top Line Numbers for Various NPPs

  • Updated top line numbers for various NPP Tactics based on Bottom Up calculation to maximize the impact
  • Change and estimated lift due to changed NPP Numbers
D Cube Analytics

MDs sorted by composite score at 3ZIP level

  • Clearly defined scoring criteria
  • Top physicians in each 3ZIP & account
  • Detailed insights around several dimensions to drive optimal allocation of personal & NPP channel tactics
D Cube

Optimized allocation based on adjusted responsiveness

  • Optimized promotion mix to maximize response levels
  • Frequency of various NPP tactics based on MD Score Bucket levels
  • Optimal allocation of sales force
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Integrated Promotion Plan by Segment

  • Frequency of calls and sample activity at account level
  • Sorted by channels across MD score buckets
  • Preferred Gap between calls & samples
  • Key metrics tracking to update post first cycle
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