CI Portal

CI Portal


Imagine healthcare without analytics- it seems like living without life within. Sounds philosophical? Healthcare thrives on the analytics data owing to the increased number of brands endorsing new products, newer therapies being introduced to the markets, providers and payers being more concerned and informed and finally the emerging technologies. In literal sense, there is an explosion of data that needs to be curbed or at least worked upon to understand what can be relevant to the businesses dealing in healthcare. That’s why you need CI portal.

How important is data for healthcare?

Let’s take a hospital into consideration where a patient enters to get treated. As a doctor, your immediate consideration on getting the details of the illness would be to prescribe a medicine or surgery. Wait, there’s more! Your patient may not be suffering from just the illness he/she has illustrated. There could be more than what meets the eye. You will need sufficient data in order to prescribe the medicine or surgery. Let’s say they have a blood pressure issue, which can escalate if you operate, would you still recommend it? This data will help you truly come up with the right solutions.

There is a lot of data, similar to what you just read, across different segments of healthcare. This data needs to be diagnosed before you can come to a conclusion on how to treat a particular issue. When creating a new product, you will need to go through the data in the segment, come up with analysis of this data and finally work on the product.

From a business angle, you need predictive analytics that will work out the sales for the quarter for this product, and other such details. Basically, you need analytics data for every aspect of healthcare. The importance of this data cannot be ignored. But, the bulk of the data made available also calls for some sort of analytics that can help you understand the data, break it down, and make some sense out of it.

CI portal

A good CI portal will help you call for data from all the verticals you need, analyse them, visualize them and finally come to a conclusion. The CI portal will also help you build your analysis and insights on competition data which is made available to you at your convenience. You can easily delve into the data and predict your business numbers. It is a sort of dashboard analytics that can help you visualize through graphs, represents through numbers, and makes your life quite easy.

D cube offers healthcare analytics that helps predict the onboarding payers, the risks involved in offering a new product, the analysis of a patient and other healthcare analysis that helps individuals and companies. We thrive on improving healthcare and making it more accessible.


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