CI Solution

CI Solution


Competitive Intelligence or CI solution is very important for the healthcare industry as it offers an insight into the clinical trials, the contracts therein, and the performance. When you have combined business intelligence with competitive intelligence, you attain the perfect insights for your business that will capably predict your future statistics. With D Cube’s CI solution, you can get an overview of the clinical processes including the factors that drive the increasing adoption of the technology, and overview of the BI architecture. This will help you understand the key issues directed at your business, and how they will affect you in the long run. Implementation issues are also ably handled by the CI strategies, which in turn help you build the best outcomes for your business.

With appropriate solutions, you can reduce the overhead costs, and help improve the efficiency of your healthcare business. Business intelligence looks into data warehousing, visualization of the data as well as analytics according to basic definitions but, BI is a lot more than just that.

Why CI solutions?

When you look at a business, there’s a lot of scopes to offer quality solutions that will exceed the customer expectations by giving the apt user experience. CI solutions by D Cube aim to offer something similar by ensuring quality patient care, aligning the CI analytics to the ultimate goals of the business, taking care of the risks involved, optimal allocation of the clinical resources etc.

When you are calculating the patient cost, you need to include the total duration of the stay, the operating costs involved, the revenue generated and the margins attained, which will help you determine the overall profits for your business. A proper analysis will help counter the expenses that were additional and not at all necessary, and you can curb these costs effectively. Mitigating risks becomes easy with the apt CI solutions that can predict the future, scale your resources to match the needs, and save unnecessary expenses or happenings.

D Cube’s CI solution

There are a lot of things that are offered with the CI solution from D Cube. Let’s have a quick look at that and see how it will improve your business.

  • You not only get the competitor’s profile but also get an insight into their actions, and how they work. You will be able to analyze the competition effectively and know how to cope with the competition
  • You can get an accurate insight into the clinical trial designs, treatment settings, and do a thorough analysis of the marketing claims and target profiles
  • You can even analyze the marketing initiatives conducted by your company, and the competition in order to come up with the appropriate marketing solutions for your business

D Cube analytics solutions are aimed to improve your healthcare business and improve patient care with the thoroughness, thus increasing user experience.


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