DDS Customer 360

An Omni-Channel delivery platform customized to drive a measurable, effective & seamless customer-centric engagement experience for Physicians

Better Experience = Better Business

With a synchronized digital and personal engagement engine, we deliver unified and personalized content to enhance customer experience.

With Key capabilities, we deliver

Right Messaging

Analyze data across channels and respond utilizing insights gleaned from ML models to deliver the appropriate message using the right content.

Right Time

Leveraging insights on HCP interactions across digital and face-to-face channels, the model determines the optimal timing of touchpoints with HCPs.

Right Channel

With effective orchestration of the personalized content across channels based on the preferences and needs of HCPs, we ensure they stay “connected” with our campaigns.

Right Sequence

The system recommends the optimum sequence to get the maximum engagement which leads to a lift in prescriptions.

Why DDS Customer 360?


Deployment Ready Customer Data Platform

Cloud Provisioning, Data Ingestion, Management, Data Engineering & Security


KPI and Analytics

Fit-for-Purpose Campaign & Operational Metrics Reporting


AI Engine

AI-based Next Best Actions & Trigger Engine


Ecosystem Integration

Upstream and Downstream integrations across digital systems and channels


Execution COE

High-performance teams to execute your Omnichannel strategy 


Extended Support

Larger Commercial Analytics Ecosystem for thought leadership & innovation

DDS Customer 360 Applications

Driving Hyper-Personalized Engagement across customers

HCP Connections

Living Knowledge Graph to unearth hidden relationships to expand targeted universe through connected data.

Recommendation System

Recommend the Next Best Action to marketers to reach out to physicians.

Rep Assist

A fully customizable app to empower the field force with key insights and recommendations on the next best actions.

DDS Customer 360 is disrupting the current Omni-Channel Framework

Industry Approach


Week 1

Manually search & collect required data
by integrating into multiple data systems


Week 4

Deploy large teams of seasoned analysts with deep data and analytics knowledge to create analysis plan & extract data from data lake/mart

Week 14

Go through sub-optimal processes that
takes huge amount of time to crunch
millions of records of data to prepare
the analysis cohort

Week 21

Create multiple versions of truths of customer profiles and create support team to manually update as campaign data comes in

Week 25

Manually write hundreds of line codes to implement business rules and deploy NBA Algorithms to manage customer journeys across digital & physical channels

Week 32

For every new channel & campaign, repeat the above time consuming steps along with coordinating with ecosystem players

DCube Approach


Week 1

Graph based connected ecosystems
enables deep link analysis to customize, extend & collect additional dimensions in the context of current situation resulting in more accurate and personalized recommendations


Week 2

UI driven process flow app to quickly build data extraction rules & complex criteria using drag & drop feature in minutes, in a codeless way to enable real-time modeling & hyper profiling

Week 3

Simply create analysis attributes and business rules in an intuitive user interface and generate quality insights & automate integration to downstream systems and partners

Productized teams lead to at least 40% savings over a 3-year period

DDS Customer 360: Faster, Augmented, Standardized, Accurate & Collaborative

Breakthrough Customer Engagement

  • Drive Rx growth through targeted & informed digital campaigns and F2F interactions
  • Maximize channel impact through optimized content orchestrated preferences

Disruptive Productivity

  • Automate manual processes to ensure data readiness at all times
  • Productize decision-making and automate downstream marketing ops

Optimized ROI

  • Fine-tune investments across channels by leveraging deep learning
  • Cost-optimized omnichannel infrastructure by leveraging a proven cloud-native model


What our Clients say

D Cube Analytics approach to reach out HCP was a gamechanger, we are now able to effectively reach to potential customers with all the necessary information and a definitive approach.

VP, Large BioPharma

West Coast, USA

D Cube Analytics played a key role in the commercial success of our new drug launch mainly through the speed with which they stood up and delivered our project. We see the value they continue to deliver in optimizing our commercial success further.

Sr. VP, Emerging BioPharma

East Coast, USA

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