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Changes Pharmaceutical Industry Has Witnessed with the Advent of Data Analytics

Going by the transformation witnessed by the pharmaceutical industry, it is time analytics is treated as a new innovation capability and not a meager function. Many companies have established centers of excellence (CoEs) focusing on data analytics pharmaceutical industry, to accelerate their journey toward higher yield and increased profitability. These centres are functioning as a hub of analytics and providing the specialized technical capabilities required to do the hard work of innovating and building new analytics solutions in conjunction with the business, and also working as hotbeds of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. This has been possible with the availability of surplus pharmaceutical industry data.

There is a focused approach by industry leaders in the pharmaceutical domain to leverage pharmaceutical data analytics for more productive business decisions. As part of a win-win approach, the organizations have even transformed the entire incumbent operating model. For people not conversant with digital terminologies this typically involves pivoting from siloed analytics, business, and IT functions to interdisciplinary use-case teams. In addition, there is an attempt to move away from traditional one-off analytics projects run at the speed of legacy business processes to more agile use-case sprints with lightweight, streamlined governance leveraging pharmaceutical industry data.

The organizations have been very particular in including change management in analytics initiatives to embed data-driven decision making into the organizational DNA, utilizing the positive aspect of pharmaceutical industry data. Democratizing model insights and enabling real-time reporting using the available data is fast picking pace. Perhaps, the most important step has been to have the organizational courage and conviction in data-driven decision making to challenge preconceived ideas and the years-old concepts of decision making in business. Data analytics pharmaceutical industry has been truly bringing about a positive change in helping in more accurate prediction.

Centres of excellence so established will help facilitate major change including developing and sharing across the organization a common set of standards and practices around data, tools and technology, and talent. This may even include establishing data quality standards, principles, and policies, creation of career enhancement models across the organization in collaboration with HR team, and developing a central stable of analytics tools, techniques, and code libraries for use across the organization, in addition to establishing methodologies to run agile use-case sprints associated with running business operations.

Beyond setting standards and spreading innovative practices, it is equally important for a successful Centre of Excellence to drive collaboration across different parts of the company, bringing together the IT function, data governance, and other critical divisions responsible for key business decisions to solve problems using data analytics pharmaceutical industry. Analytics-driven companies know the need of a company-wide strategy for partnering on analytics, without this and without pharmaceutical data analytics, the companies may struggle to manage their external partners well in a scenario where partners may be working with several business units simultaneously. Successful CoEs serve as agile backbones for a new innovation capability, equipping business units and functions with the right skills to interrogate data and model insights in real time to drive measurable business value and growth.


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