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Automate Intelligence

Create advanced models in minutes and setup automated workflows

The DDS™ Data Science Sandbox is the space for your advanced Data explorations. With pre-built models across key functional areas that are customizable and reusable, you can now create and automate an ensemble of models to predict & power strategies across a variety of functions.


Improve Performance

  • Seamlessly integrate with any Data management platform to access Analytics-ready Datasets

Accelerate Results

  • Works with SAS/R for advanced Analytics
  • Industry-ready module that comes with in-built assumptions and variables

Collaborate To Build & Share Insights

  • Provides UI for user input, what-if?analyses & scenario planning
  • Promotes collaboration and multi-user input for building stronger models

DDS™ Sandbox

Create. Collaborate. Automate.

The DDS™ Sandbox is a central, unified advanced Analytics platform that comes with best-in-class, pre-built algorithms & models and integrates seamlessly with the DDS™ platform or any Data source to setup advanced Analytics workflows. Through the Sandbox, we are able to setup and automate advanced models for our clients. Examples of work delivered include Sentiment analysis, Forecasting, Market mix models, Campaign response models etc.

pharmaceutical case study


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