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Why DDS intelligence can make all the difference

DDS intelligence is integral to any organisation but especially ones that provide healthcare and medical solution to others. Given the vast range of health and medical needs, the sheer amount of medications, transcriptions, doctor notes, and then the sales reports for various medicines that are sold, doctor patient interactions, it becomes evident that any organisation that provides end-to-end healthcare solutions would need a DDS platform to handle it all.

With DDS intelligence, you should be able to trim, analyse, review, iterate, validate and integrate data with ease. For example, with digital discovery suite and DDS intelligence, you should be able to carefully review all sales reports, manage your sales team and sales reporting, and enable you to keep track of all reported sales and validate the same with the digital suite and its information database so that only validated sales information is updated into your system.

DDS intelligence and business analytics

With DDS intelligence, you should be able to make full use of the DDS platform and review and analyse all data and even run business analytics on the same. This should provide you with an in-depth picture of how well your organisation is doing at the moment and enable you to identify key trends in your business. Thus, with DDS intelligence and digital discovery suite, you should be able to do the following:

  • Identification of current and prospective customers.
  • Validation of all data.
  • Address standardisation and correction.
  • Creation of a customer master file.
  • In-depth business analytics.
  • Multiple formats for reporting.
  • Daily scheduled reports via email.

It is important for every organisation to maximise their opportunities. Therefore digital discovery suite with its business intelligence and information analytics should enable you to identify key trends in the market today, enabling take advantage of the same. This is why it makes sense for any organisation to opt for DDS right away and integrate the same into their system at the earliest. Furthermore, with the DDS platform, you can access the relevant data through any device, from laptop to android from any location.


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