Data preparation is made simple with a drag and drop interface backed by a comprehensive library of pharma-specific business rules and transformations.

Faster Insights Foster Collaboration Publish Data Effortlessly

Unlock the full potential of your Data Lake by leveraging DDS IRISᵀᴹ

Build Pipelines Visually at Blazing Speed

Enables faster time to insights

Implementation of the workflow-driven approach helps to create data packs quickly with Zero SQL coding effort.

Visual Data Wrangling leveraging Spreadsheet based Transformation

Ad-hoc analysis on an excel-like layout internally powered by Spark solution. 

Eliminates lengthy code

Easy Integration with Cloud Ecosystems

Integrates with existing platforms and tools ensuring consistency of technologies across the enterprise with no additional investments

Publish Data Effortlessly for Reporting

Integrated export module to publish data sets to different BI reporting platforms directly thus eliminating the need to have intermediate and expensive data storage systems.

Enable Reusability via SQL Library

SQL Libraries and workflows empower users to utilize existing data assets and reduce pipeline development time.

Enable everyone to be Expert Coders

Generates optimized codes for the visually created data flows and enables collaboration with sharing of workflow capability.


Enables Faster Insights

Develop data packs in days as opposed to weeks

Reduces Costs

Reduce up to 3x in total cost due to reduced development times, utilization of pre-built connectors, and collaboration.

Fosters Collaboration

Increase reusability by collaborating through SQL libraries


What our Clients say

The visual intelligence & exploratory data analysis aspects of IRIS helped us digitize the Data Pack creation process under a low/no code model.

We have seen 30% productivity gain for our data engineers already.

Director, Information Systems, Mid-tier BioPharma Company

East Coast, USA

The visual wrangling feature and ability to save workflows greatly improved collaboration within our team. Reuse has drastically increased and our time to insight has gone down significantly.

Sr. Director, Data Analytics Platform team

Top 10 BioPharma, West Coast, USA

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