Data stewardship through automated information retrieval & AI/ML-based behavior learning

Optimizing Data stewardship Behavior

1. Enrich

Collect data from MDM and associated enterprise applications, industry registry databases and other sites from Google lookup, based on universal identifiers, exhaustive search criteria and rich business rules

2. Score

Generate record level scores using supervised machine learning methodologies. AI/ML-enabled automated intelligence system provides recommendations for merge/no merge with a confidence score

3. Actionize

UI based assistant application showcases the scores along with enriched data giving visibility into how confidence scores are calculated. This assistant application also allows data stewards to interact and actionize as needed.

Why TM ?

Configurable & Streamlined Lookups

Standardized lookups from external websites used for data enrichment, configured based on the attribute and availability of lookup results

AI/ML Powered Recommendation

AI/ML-enabled automated systems mimic the data stewards mind to generate merge/no merge recommendations with a confidence score. ML algorithms take the subjectivity away from decision making

Confidence Scoring

Attribute match scoring engine has a defined scoring logic for each record attribute. Attribute level scoring generated during data vectorization helps provide the final confidence score to the data stewards

Model Training on Recurring Patterns

Training based on the steward feedback would help accurately score recurring patterns. Stewards can focus on more varied scenarios during manual audits

Intuitive UI

A unified view of the potential match records with available enrichments and merge recommendations. Easy to use interface helps making decisions based on the automated data enrichment and algorithm-driven insights

Complements existing MDM investments

Works as a plug-in component along with MDM, using the fuzzy match outputs from MDM as one of the factors for the ML recommendations and any action from the App UI updating back to MDM


Read what our clients wrote

D Cube Analytics’ helped us save costs and efforts of Data Stewards. The UI was very intuitive and was very easy to navigate
Sr. VP, Small BioPharma,

East Coast, USA

Master Data Management has now become hassle free, thanks to this amazing tool. Right from the lookups to scoring everything is available at our fingertips. This has been a great push in our data journey
Data Management Head, Mid-size BioPharma,


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