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Competitive intelligence (CI) is a key enabler of effective market positioning and product marketing strategies.


A new-age CI platform that combines human intelligence seamlessly with the power of technology that disrupts the way currently CI is collected & shared within organizations. The solution automatically retrieves all information related to relevant clinical trials, news articles, social media buzz, KOL activity, analyst reports and other secondary sources.


Market & clinical trial tracking

Be in sync with current landscape of trial and the emerging Data.

Competitor intelligence

Gain transformative insights about competitors by combining traditional sources with non-traditional sources of intelligence

Early warning signals

Catch key trends and prepare interventions to gain unfair market advantage.

Access to best-in-market research analysts

Our team not only curates the platform but add value by effectively tracking changing market landscapes through additional primary and/or secondary research approaches.


Effectively measure positioning against key competitors through relevant metrics; qualitative & quantitative that come as easy to use visualizations.

Enterprise friendly & Platform agnostic

Securely deployable in your enterprise servers or in the cloud- as you prefer.

Integrate with strategic planning cycles and key initiatives

Enrich your strategic planning exercise by baking in timely insights across multiple dimensions organized in a way that can be consumed & acted on effectively.

Collaborate and report across stakeholders levels

Drive efficient sharing of information & insights with colleagues and drive a key event to a logical closure action setting, intervention design etc.

With TRACKTION™ (DDS™) , you can combine advanced technology and human intelligence to not just report information but provide actionable insights.

Top Pharmaceutical Consulting Firms
  • Power your strategy planning process with the most up-to-date information on the market.
  • Be on top of key events and competitor moves in view of an upcoming launch or life cycle brand management.
  • Provide executive level updates in a stunning interface.
  • Centralize and distribute all key materials from a single intelligence repository.
  • Create custom sub sections to track special events like Conferences, Specific Competitor product launch or your own project.


Ready to test drive the new paradigm?