Provide a consolidated experience for Analytics community that enables collaboration and capability enablement to expedite the analytics journey from idea to deployment. The Portal seamlessly integrates several guardrails provided by information governors to regulate and streamline the Analytics Capabilities in a transparent manner.


Democratize your Analytics Journey

Ensure compliance to decision rights and data security standards

Semantic feature libraries

Easy and simple interface to access all the required and approved computes

Bundled approval workflows enabling transparent and frictionless governance

Support collaboration through a project based structure

Why Choose D Cube’s Expertise

Democratizing Insights – Friction Free

Enterprises are moving towards democratizing their insight footprint leveraging the cloud as a change agent. In order to innovate successfully in this new world, there is a strong need to have frictionless governance processes embedded to ensure compliance and security standards are met while no additional bottlenecks are created. DDS UnityTM bridges this gap of ensuring Enterprise grade security and compliance while providing a frictionless interface to the several data citizens to utilize the Insight footprint to its potential.


Govern Tools, Data and Compute Assets

Rapidly mutating Technology components coupled with the need for experiment driven innovation from the Analytics community results in significant Information Governance Challenges. Enterprises are in a situation to compromise the need of the Analytics community in order to adhere to Governance requirements. DDS UnityTM helps in adhering to all governance policies and breeding innovation.

Built-in Analytics Tools

Supports All Insights tooling including Databricks, Sagemaker, Several Data wrangling tools and Container ecosystems.

Add On Insights Tooling

Easy Plug-in of 3rd Party Datascience Workbenches, Data Wranglers and other Exploration Tools.

Collaborative Environment

Project based structure encourages collaboration within the team providing portal for knowledge sharing across enterprise.

Poly Cloud Support

Ability to work in a Poly cloud environment with resources and data spread across clouds or accounts.

Case Studies

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