DDS Unity TM

The single window to your data ecosystem with an integrated governance process to enable data democratization while ensuring compliance.

Democratize Analytics Comply with Regulations Manage Cost

Democratize your Analytics Journey by leveraging DDS Unityᵀᴹ

Frictionless Governance

Intuitive governance workflows for serving multiple personas.


Workflow-based approvals for data and compute access, integrated SOP & compliance training, and audit mechanisms to ensure data contract compliance.

Cost Reporting

Gives you both a bird’s-eye and a microscopic view of operations allowing you to monitor the cost of analytics.

Industry Leading MLOps Framework

Ability to deploy and operationalize models with minimal shadow IT involvement, thereby allowing data science teams to focus more on AI/ML and less on Shadow IT Operations.

Inbuilt Analytics Tools

Analytics tools that support all insights tools including Databricks, Sagemaker, Data Wrangling tools, and Container Ecosystems.

Seamless Collaboration

Project and Function based setup to enable team collaboration.

Integration with external version control tools, tagging and citation capabilities enable reusability and sharing across teams.

Why DDS UnityTM?

100% Compliance

Pre-defined pharma specific workflows and access ensuring 100% compliance

Zero Cost Creeps

Integrates governance workflows with cost center tagging at project level for Optimal Budgeting

Collaborative Environment

Project based structure encourages collaboration within the team providing a portal for knowledge sharing across enterprises

Poly Cloud Support

Ability to work in a Poly Cloud Environment with resources and data spread across clouds or accounts


What our Clients say

DDS Unity was our first choice tool to democratize data in our organization. The ability to collaborate with multiple other tools helped us reach our goal faster.

VP, Large BioPharma

West Coast, USA

Data governance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to democratization of data and Unity provided the right framework to do exactly that. A must-have for all data analytics organizations.

Director of Analytics, Mid-size BioPharma

West Coast, USA

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