Elevate Your Market Access Intelligence

Ajitha Surendran


Keshav Kabra

Principal Consultant, Data Analytics
Client: BioPharma
Year: 2019
The increasing costs of drugs in the US is a growing concern for Payers. Customarily, Payers were less willing to confine the market access of drugs that addresses perilous conditions like Cancer; However, as newer and more efficacious treatments have become available, Payers have begun to concentrate on strategies to abridge the expense of Oncology drugs. Along with Payers, Provider Organizations are also playing a significant role in driving the therapeutic choice and managing the cost of Oncology drugs. To respond to this evolving landscape, Pharma companies need strong and novel analytics approach to understand how Payers and Providers are driving drug utilization.

Frequently, these analyses require integration of multiple data sets and development of robust KPIs. We leveraged our proprietary Payer 360 module and carried out a rapid and scalable integration of multiple data sets including formulary, claims and sales data. This laid a strong foundation to compute and visualize custom KPIs that provide insights around lives covered, access of drugs benchmarked against the competition, payer dominance, provider dominance and impact of access on sales at different geographical levels. The rich insights from the interactive and near-real time market access solutions have helped multiple pharmaceutical customers to:

  1. Take contracting decisions by distinguishing Payers and Providers that drive utilization of drugs
  2. Devise strategies to execute in disadvantaged formulary positions (for example, better field execution, office support)
  3. Enhance the patient support programs to help patients understand their disease, manage their medication cost, and navigate prior authorization requirements
  4. Evaluate the impact of contracting wins/losses on the market share

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D Cube Analytics is an Integrated Data Sciences company focused on extracting transformational insights from syndicated, real world and digital data to increase revenue realization, avert revenue loss, enhance internal productivity and improve end user experience for global Pharmaceutical organizations.

D Cube is pioneering a Digital Transformation wave within BioPharma by leveraging new age tools and methodologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation to greatly improve the productivity of workforce and significantly enhancing speed to insight. Through this new age product-based approach to delivering analytics, we greatly reduce the cost and complexity of deployments and provide measurable value across multiple business functions.

Find out how D Cube can help you to elevate your market access intelligence and develop rigorous strategies that enable success in the market, throughout the product life cycle.


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