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Health analytics is a term that is used to define analytic systems and activities that are undertaken as a result of from four principal areas within health care. These include claims and cost data, R&D data, clinical data and patient behaviour and sentiment data. Health data analytics include a systematic analysis of data collected from these four areas. Population health analytics is an area that is somewhat tricky and is best handled by experts in the field. D cube is one such name who is said to be an expert in this field.

Challenges health analytics addresses

Several medical organizations need proper population health analytics to function. Apart from this, health data analytics helps these organizations improve their healthcare services. Health analytics is a field that needs constant updating since the subject matter is very dynamic. It encompasses health data analytics and population health analytics as its. Some challenges that health analytics faces are:

  • Variations in how standards are tested and implemented. Since the subject is ever-changing and dynamic, the variations are imperative.
  • Protecting privacy and security. It is necessary that while collecting the data necessary for the analytics, the privacy and the security of an individual and his or her health information is given priority.
  • Establishing common technical standards. Doing this would ensure a seamless and a hassle-free process of analyzing the collected data.
  • Developing national communication structure. If common technical standards have to be maintained, a healthy national communication structure is necessary. It ensures good communication between stakeholders and national providers.
  • Inducing confidence in healthcare IT. Though IT has a deep penetration, many individuals, organizations and companies do not trust it when it comes to health. Increasing their confidence in the same is elemental.

Health is an issue that gives no leeway when it comes to proper implementation. It does not allow for any ‘loopholes’ or ‘mistakes’ in its analytics, which is why it is necessary that it should be handled by experts. Hence, D cube is the name that people turn to for reliability in the same.


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