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The healthcare data analytics companies promote pharmaceutical businesses to use data in order to get most of the opportunities and move towards comprehensive growth. With the shift to value based care, the need for robust pharmaceutical has exploded exponentially. This transition in the US health care industry will demand significant analytical structure investments. At the same time, analytics are also being touted as the missing key to unlock actionable insights and self-learning, which is why healthcare research and analytics are quickly becoming a competitive differentiator for value-based care and achieving organizational goals including risk management, cost reduction, and clinical effectiveness.

DCube’s analytical solutions help you answer the questions at the heart of your business. Hospitals and healthcare providers can benefit from the information with such effective software solutions provided by top healthcare analytics companies if they shift the focus from studying facts to understanding analytical discoveries. The healthcare analytics platform can help these healthcare providing organizations in the following ways:

  • Clinical decision support: By providing basic healthcare data analytics training to its staff, the hospitals can improve the way clinicians make decisions about their patients while at the same time cutting down the operational costs of the organization. Feeding all medical tests, lab reports and prescribed medications for patients on one electronic dashboard can contribute significantly towards improvement in the way hospitals make decisions about their patients.
  • Improved patients wellness: Source healthcare analytics can help hospitals to remind the patients to keep up with a health way of living as well as keep a structured record of as to where the patient stands in regard to his lifestyle choices.
  • Better care coordination: While historically, within many organizations different specialties didn’t communicate to one another about a patient, the healthcare analytics can now be used to help with patient handoff, both between all types of healthcare organizations across the country and within systems.
  • Cut down administrative costs: Almost one fourth of the healthcare budget expenses go to administrative costs. Health data analytics companies through their solutions can help the hospitals to introduce automated coding which can significantly enhance how they can turn healthcare encounters into cash flow by decreasing administrative costs.
  • Cut down on Abuse and fraud cases: A significant amount of money is lost in fraud and abuse cases in the healthcare industry. The analytical solutions from cubic help the organizations take an insight into what doctors are doing for their patients. These crucial solutions from the healthcare analytics companies can track incorrect payments and fraud, as well as the history of an individual patient.

The role of healthcare data analytics becomes even more imperative with economic and geopolitical forces colliding giving way to an ever dynamic and competitive marketplace. Significant disruptive trends are revolutionizing the health industry today. The industry is witnessing new business models, shifting of roles and incumbents being supplanted by new players. This evolution can be witnessed in the healthcare data analytics conference where we can witness the peers from the healthcare industries, who are successfully implementing advanced analytics to accelerate pharmaceutical R&D.


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