Journey 4

Actively churning insights? Let’s go beyond data lakes

Go Beyond

Help your Data Analytics strategy achieve escape velocity


Consumable data asset preparation


ML Ops for Data science, Governance & Compliance

You have an established Data Analytics infrastructure and are looking to scale the production and consumption of insights from your data sources

Commercial Analytics

Comprehensive brand life-cycle management enabled by rapid-paced Data Analytics Support

Business Intelligence

In-depth domain expertise and technology driven approach in delivering Business-Critical Reports

Advanced Analytics

Pre-built ML & AI models for a variety of use cases with experienced Data Scientists at Scale

Market Access

Scale key innovations across Data Science, Big Data and Cloud Technologies


You are actively churning insights for your business consumers but are seeking ways to improve data quality, insights accuracy and overall productivity while de-risking dependence on vendors

Customer 360

Seamless Omni-Channel Engagement experience for Physicians & Patients

Patient 360

Improve Patient Experience across the treatment journey framework

Brand 360

Leverage data to prospectively answer key strategic questions around Brand performance

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