Oncology – The Evolving Commercial Dilemma

Ajitha Surendran


Vishnu Prashanth

Principal Consultant, Data Analytics

Client: BioPharma
Year: 2018

The rapid pace of innovation is making the Oncology market a constant launch flux and newer therapies are challenging the standard of care rapidly. This intense competition has not only shortened the product life cycles but made it difficult to understand and accurately assess the market landscape for commercial decision-makers. To respond to this constantly evolving landscape, Pharma companies need a holistic granular market overview covering the nuances on the Oncology treatment paradigm.

Oncology is challenging in terms of building the appropriate market overview owing to data paucity as well as non-availability of standardized data sources. We leverage real-world data to help customers understand the market trends. Though real-world data is a rich source of physician and patient interaction for the adopted treatment, it comes with its own challenges owing to the unstructured nature of raw claims in terms of defining line of therapy and regimen mapping. To overcome this, we leverage our proprietary tumor and data source agnostic algorithm that defines the regimen and line of therapy to uncover the essential insights and metrics for building a robust market overview. The rich insights from the analysis helped our customers

  1. To gain a robust understanding of the evolving market due to the emerging therapies
  2. To understand the utilization of various lines of therapy from patients’ perspective and helped the customer position the drugs better in the market and thus reach a larger patient pool and maximize RoI
  3. To understand trends in real-world product usage and align their marketing, market access, medical affairs, and commercial operations to maximize patient benefits and revenues

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